Activity OÜ Feature performed in several areas, depending on the wishes of the customer.

First of all, we trade print materials from leading manufacturers.

A wide range of products includes not only various kinds of paper, all kinds of paints and printing inks, but also special materials for the production of plastic cards, the base film, laminating film. In addition, our company can offer special materials for the production of identity and security documents, such as holographic films with a particular design approved, microchips, etc.

A separate area of activity is consulting and support complex projects related to the creation of new products in the field of secure printing of identity documents and other public documents.

Modern ID documents is a complex integrated product that includes many diverse elements of protection. Among them: the security elements of media (paper, polyethylene, polycarbonate) printed protection, including special kinds of printing methods and additional physical protection elements - special ink thread, holograms, special numbering.

IT service activity, related to the development of software products and provision of services in the field of information technology.

A new era , characterized by the widespread introduction of elements of logical protection , led the company Feature into the world of IT.

It means that buying our products, you get:

  • User-friendly and intuitively comprehensive interface;
  • Possibility to process information of your ordered algorithms;
  • Possibility to use any  database chosen by you for saving your information as well as providing high reliability data storage and excluding any attempt of hacking and being stolen or losing  information.
  • Possibility to access to your data from anywhere in the world via computer or mobile phone through the Internet. The amount of data that can be accessed restricted user rights to information.