One of the activities of our company is consulting and support of complex projects related to the creation of new products in the field of secure printing of identity documents and other public documents. Our specialists are ready to provide comprehensive services and the selection and development of materials with special properties for the manufacture of plastic instruments.

OÜ Feature has participated in the development of industrial design of holographic protection of the Ukrainian passport. The design was made in the form of a hologram image with reflexive effect. OÜ Feature owns the copyright to the design specified in the Certificate of  Registration  №002541599-0001 design in the European Union (RCD) in the class of 32 "Graphical symbols".

The Ukrainian passport with an integrated protective element was presented as a nominee for the award in the category "Regional ID documents of the Year" at the European High Security Printing Conference, held March 23-25, 2015 in Budapest.

OÜ Feature offers the design holograms of any type of complexity, the degree of protection and colors on a variety of media, including paper and polycarbonate films. A particularly important role played by the holographic element in the manufacture of excise stamps and documents.

The uniqueness of our designs is the ability to design holograms on request of the customer in complex - from the design to the selection of materials and various levels of protection (integrated chip, magnetic tapes, color photos, and so on.)

Depending on the requirements and wishes of the customer is determined by the level of printing performance and selection of individual elements of protection products.

When creating secure documents on plastic it can be used the whole range of elements of protection against counterfeiting. The experience and expertise possessed by the company, allow us to offer our customers an optimal combination of product functionality and cost of its manufacture.